Georgia-Greece match

Yesterday, on March 26, the playoff final of the qualifying stage of the European Championship was held. The national team of Georgia hosted the Greek team and defeated them 4:2 in the penalty shootout. The Georgian national team will play at the European Championship for the first time.

The broadcast took place on the “First Channel of Public Broadcaster” live air. On March 26, the "First Channel of Public Broadcaster", in the last 9 years, recorded an unprecedented high television share - 24% and took the first place in the rating of television channels.

The match started at 20:50 and was watched by an average of 1 061 767 viewers per minute. During the match, 66% of the television viewing was directed to the “First Channel of Public Broadcaster”.

72% of the spectators of the said match were representatives of Tbilisi. As for the age distribution of the match spectators, the most, 17% of the spectators of the match were in the category of women aged 18-44.

The data represent the official results of the measurement of the viewing behavior of the Georgian television audience by Tri Media Intelligence. Data is taken from the population above 4 years including guests.

Sofo Lezhava

By Sofo LezhavaOn 27 March, 2024