Joint conference of Tri Media Intelligence and Kantar Media

On February 27, representatives of "Tri Media Intelligence" and "Kantar Media" held a joint conference at the "Hotel Ramada Encore". The conference focused on innovations and challenges in TV audience measurement (TAM) worldwide and also, on the news of expanding Georgian service to cover entire Georgia.

Ana Lordkipanidze, Director of "Tri Media Intelligence" opened the conference. As she mentioned, representatives of "Kantar Media" made more than 40 visits to Georgia and "Tri Media Intelligence" was eager to arrange their meeting with its subscribers again. 

Two representatives from "Kantar Media" attended the conference: Keld Nielsen - Global Director for JIC and Currency Services and Evgenia Molchina - International Business Development Director.

As Keld Nielsen said: "I am very glad to be back again in Georgia, and I appreciate how things developed over the last 5 years". Mr. Nielsen spoke about "Kantar Media", about new technologies that are deployed for TAM measurement worldwide and provided the audience with a small tour of how "Kantar Media"'s technology and methodology have been developing over time. As he mentioned: “We work with 92 of the world's largest advertisers. In total, "Kantar Media"'s panels cover 88 million people worldwide”.

Evgenia Molchina, International Business Development Director, spoke about the joint plans of "Kantar Media" and "Tri Media Intelligence", to increase the panel so that the study covers the nature of TV viewing throughout Georgia. She mentioned: “While TMI is doing its excellent day to day job, at the same time, we are thinking about the future. How to improve this service, how to make it better. Therefore, we are currently considering to expand the panel".

Currently "Tri Media Intelligence" research panel covers Tbilisi and 6 major cities with a population of over 40,000. It is planned to expand panel in such way that it covers entire Georgia, both urban and rural. According to Evgenia Molchina, the increased panel will help commercial channels as well as state institutions and advertising agencies to get more robust data on TV viewing across the country and thus enable them to more effectively determine the effectiveness of their social campaigns or programs. Ms. Molchina also spoke about examples of increasing the panel in other countries where "Kantar Media" is represented and noted the positive impact that panel growth has had on industry in these countries.

At the end of the conference, a question and answer session was held, where the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions to "Kantar Media" Experts and Director of "Tri Media Intelligence".


Sofo Lezhava

By Sofo LezhavaOn 12 March, 2020