Matching Technology

Local Audio Matching System

Local Audio Matching is a flexible technology that is in line with technology development during collaboration period with Households. Local Audio Matching (LAM), technology gives us an opportunity to identify audio (video) signal from which device is displayed in TV during certain period.

Local Audio Matching system also helps to identify which reception type is used by panel member (is he/she using set top box to receive free digital channels, or is he/she client of certain provider and uses providers’ service).

Audio Matching System

Initially local audio matching must take place within Peoplemeters installed at panel members’ families.

Peoplemeter generates so called signatures, which represent little parts of a digital sequence, rather than actual voice parts of channels viewed.

TMI has 2 datacenters (main and backup) where TV signals are recorded and where signatures received from Peoplemeters are processed with recorded signal by means of a complicated comparison rules.

TV channels which have several broadcasting sources are referenced from several inputs (IPTV, Satellite and Terrestrial) providing a solid backup technological means for cases when Georgian TV instable environment has problems on some certain TV channels source.

After, audio matching process is ongoing it enables: TV channels identification, measuring time-shifted viewing at research center continually (VCR, DVD, IPTV, Play Back and so on), main and back up site servers, audio matching servers, data collection and processing servers are operating 24/7.