Quality Control

Quality control procedures are performed daily on every stage of analyses starting from checks on audio quality of referenced channels and ending with panel characteristics.

Quality control starts from the stage of selecting the respondents. This means that any information received about the respondent is verified and confirmed that the information complies with the research rules and requirements. Based on the received demographic and technical information, the installation takes place with the consent of the household. At the stage of installation, the information received by the field technician is verified on the spot. After successful installation, the received information is entered into ”Atria Pro”. “Atria Pro” is the core of our system that ensures data processing, panel management and means of quality control.  “Atria Pro” is based on Kantar’s 30 year experience of measuring TV panels in various countries. Nowadays it is used by around 25 countries worldwide. This is where detailed information analysis and quality control takes place. “Atria Pro” has numerous report forms through which data is controlled. Any kind of information is checked by the administrators through the calls or visits of a technician in the households. For example, administrator asks a family if their TV viewing duration is the same as the duration reflected in the program. This is needed to confirm that the data from people meters matches household behavior. Information from households, of course, goes through several stages of additional quality control and eventually gathers in “Instar Analytics”, through which our subscribers have access to the information.

Kantar’s Team of experts is sharing its experience with our company continuously by means of trainings, seminars, data exchange processes and provides 24 hour support to TMI representatives.