Quality Control

Comtel is the core of our system and ensures data processing, panel management, and a means of quality control. Comtel is based on Kantar Media’s 30 year experience measuring TV panels in various countries. It is currently used in 25 countries worldwide. Several basic reporting forms for quality control are being used: a panel characteristics report, panel structure report, panel progress report, panel assessment report, and a technical report of the panel.

In addition, a daily analysis of family characteristics will be provided for the following important themes: nil, excessive and uncovered viewing. Data accuracy is checked daily by the program and by calls implemented within HHs. A major part of quality control is provided by Kantar Media’s team of experts specially equipped with skills for measuring, IT systems, Comtel, panel management, and software skills. A team of experts shares its experience with our company continuously by means of trainings, seminars, data exchange processes, and 24-hour support to TMI representatives.

Moreover, each morning production team performs QC works for both datacenter system check and output files.