From January 1, 2016 till December 1, 2022 TMI’s panel was representative of TV viewing behavior of population (4 years and above) living in 7 big cities of Georgia (with population of 40 K and over). Around 540 Households were participating in panel research and about 800 people meters were installed in these households.

From December 1, 2022 TMI has expanded its research coverage area, where panel is now representative of TV viewing behavior of entire Georgian population (except for occupied territories) living in settlements where at least 80% of population speaks Georgian fluently. Around 800 households are participating in a research with more than 1100 people meters being installed in these households. People meters are installed on every TV in the household, that is used for watching TV channels. As of December 1, 2022, people meters were installed in 44 cities and 233 villages of Georgia. 

Along with the expansion of the panel research area, Tri Media Intelligence has also updated its technical equipment. Georgia is one of the first among Kantar's partner countries to use the world's latest technology in this field in the form of tablet meters and a new system hosted on Microsoft's virtual servers. In addition, Georgia is the first market to use combined technology in the form of 5000 series meters and PM7s.

TV viewing data gathered from panel members is provided to subscribers in a generalized form, where the personal data of all survey members is kept confidential.