How We Provide Data

Instar Analytics


Instar Analytics Software allows comprehensive data interpretation and analysis. Instar Analytics is a customized, flexible program that enables the configuration of dozens of reports using up to 120 variables.


With an automatical data update process, the program enables clients to create a personalized analysis module and target audience survey report.

Instar Analytics has visual formatting software for all reports and requires no additional programs. Clients can create their desired graph and table while working within the program.
If necessary, any type of report can be exported to any other office software and/or visual format (JPG, GIF, EMF).



Instar Analytics has no limits in its search system of TV programs and publicity blocks. Using these customizable reports, clients can check and compare two or more channel timebands and grids.

Instar Analytics provides two additional unique products to the Georgian market:

  • Measuring Guest Viewing Behavior
  • Possibility of Counting Time Shifted Viewing

The above functions enable clients to have a broader understanding of their target audience’s behavior.