TRI MEDIA INTELLIGENCE is a TV Audience Measuring company, and the only official Georgian licensee for TV audience measurement technology with worldwide industry leader KANTAR.

Kantar's media division has provided TV measurement services, accurate and reliable data, customized products, and innovative services to over 25,000 clients in over 90 countries.

TRI MEDIA INTELLIGENCE, in cooperation with Kantar, has created the newest TV audience measurement service in Georgia.

Kantar's international experience and experts provided oversight recommendations during TMI’s formation and setup. Throughout the past year, 16 Kantar's media division world class professionals from 7 different countries visited Georgia 30 times for more than 150 days to train TMI’s staff in various fields. 5 TMI staff members received in-depth training in Kantar’s central office in London, spending over 70 days in personal training.

Kantar offers TMI employees training from its internationally recognized experts. In addition, Kantar’s support team provides permanent monitoring of quality control and informational security practices.