Tri-Media Intelligence - Conference 2024

On January 26, the annual "Tri-Media Intelligence" conference was held in the "Paragraph" hotel. The conference's purpose was to contribute to developing the Georgian media space and share with the company's signatories the challenges in the media space and ways to deal with them. Tamar Motsradze, head of the Analytical Department of "Tri-Medi Intelligence", summarized the TV viewing of 2023, and touched upon the year's trends and interesting events in the television space.

As for the invited speakers, they talked about successful projects implemented in Georgia, brand creation stories, media space innovation, and technical know-how of other countries.

Among the speakers was Sergi Gvarjaladze, a representative of  Kettari Foundation, who spoke about the involvement of the audience behind the big screen, the so-called value of the second screen. Shorena Shaverdashvili, head of the Media School of the National Communications Commission, presented the Media Academy and spoke about its role and importance. Film Asylum co-founder Nikoloz Gugushvili and Food4ge creator Mariam Kublashvili talked about the history of creating their brand. "Tri-Media Intelligence" Research Director Ana Lortkipanidze and GORBI General Manager Lance Allen discussed media research in a global context.

"Tri-Media Intelligence" plans to make the current format a tradition and share TV viewing trends with its subscribers every year.

The event was supported by Kettari Foundation.

Sofo Lezhava

By Sofo LezhavaOn 29 January, 2024