Based on the establishment survey data, 600 households were selected in Georgia (50%- in Tbilisi, 50% - in the remaining 6 cities in proportion to the population). In each household, a Kantar Media 5000 Series Peoplemeter – a state of the art viewing measurement instrument – was installed. Peoplemeters were adapted for Georgia to increase the quality of data collected and frequency of use. On the remote control for our instrument, each HH member has their individual button.

Children up to 4 years can be assigned an individual button, and the button will be automatically activated after a child’s 4th birthday. In addition, the remote control has an “add guest” function (maximum 99 guests), that enables us to measure not only the HH’s but also their guests’ viewing behavior. Peoplemeters have a beeping alert that will be activated if a viewer forgets to use the remote controller before watching TV and reminds them to use their button. Peoplemeters have internal memory that ensures correct timing and data storage for a certain period of time. Our Peoplemeters have the ability to differentiate audio-video devices such as STB, and IPTV Receivers. This enables us to determine which device signal is received in a specific period of time. This system is defined as a Local Audio Matching System that significantly increases the accuracy of our survey. It allows us to avoid database “pollution” with unnecessary information, and provides us with specific information on the type of reception used by the panel member while watching TV programs. Up to 800 Peoplemeters were installed in 600 HHs participating in the panel survey. Panel members’ TV viewing intensity data is provided to clients in a generalized form that maintains the anonymity and confidentiality of each participant. Our Panel rotation rate is predicted to be approximately 20-25 % annually.